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Work Group

The increasing burden of a wide range of MSK disorders including work and activity related injuries creates an urgent need for innovative and collaborative MSK rehab research. The Work Research Group focuses on MSK disorders that both contribute to, or are caused by, workplace conditions. This group has worked closely with emergency services workers to improve ergonomics and equipment in everyday movement.

Name Research Area  

Ashe, Maureen

Mobility, physical activity, sedentary behaviour, behaviour change, lifestyle interventions, workplace sitting, built environment, social environment, active and public transportation, KT

Beaton, Dorcas

MSK, smaller joint replacement (ankle, elbow, shoulder, upper extremity, fragility fractures)

Beaupreau, Lauren

Trauma (hip fracture), upper extremity, total joint arthroplasty


Begon, Mickael

Shoulder, gait, work-related shoulder disorders

Bouyer, Laurent J.

Remote movement monitoring , upper & lower extremity, running injury, effect of pain on motor control & motor learning, movement control in the lab and in the field/work place, robotics in rehab

Bryant, Dianne

Physical Therapy

Carlesso, Lisa

Low back and neck disorders; knee pain/osteoarthritis, chronic pain, epidemiology

Choinièere, Manon

Transition from acute to chronic low back pain; knee and thumb OA; biospsychosocial and economic consequences of chronic pain; management of chronic pain

Cote, Julie

upper extremity, work-related MSK disorders, sex/gender

Dionne, Clermont

MSK pain


Ferber, Reed

Clinical gait biomechanics, big data, running, osteoarthritis, wearable technology

Fitzsimmons, Deborah

Technology-enabled care provision and capacity building; technology acceptability and adoption

Gagnon, Dany

Upper extremity, trunk,  lower extremity, repetitive movements, functional activities, biomechanics, clinical trials

Gignac, Monique

Osteoporosis, exercise, knowledge translation

Gross, Anita


Gross, Douglas

Work Disability Prevention; MSK Disorders; Work Injury; Workers' Compensation; Occupational Rehabilitation

Imbeau, Daniel

King, Graham

Orthopaedic Surgery

Kozey, Cheryl

Biomechanics, Healthy aging, Knee osteoarthritis, Lower back disorders, Predictive models, Electromyography, Human movement, MSK health, Neuromuscular control, Mobility

Léonard, Guillaume

Pain, work-related MSK disorders


Maly, Monica

OA, aging, knee, biomechanics, mobility, physical activity, exercise, occupational injury, muscle, cartilage

Marsh, Jackie

Effectiveness and efficiency of MSK health care delivery models, e-health, web-based technology

Marshall, Deborah

OA and RA and sports injury

Perrault, Kadija

Health services research, access to rehabilitation services, pain conditions, interprofessional collaboration, health promotion


Piché, Mathieu

Pain, neurophysiology, MSK disorders

Robinovitch, Stephen

MSK rehab


Arthritis / OA, Locomotor Activity / Movement Disorders



Applied Ergonomics, Occupational Health, Sex/Gender and Work, Knowledge Translation


Work-related MSK disorders; gender and work; occupational health; social inequalities; health inequalities; public health

Urquart, Nathan

Sports Medicine, arthroscopy, MSK disorders, knee ligament injury, shoulder instability

Walton, David

MSK Trauma, pain, and related disability.  Acute-to-chronic pain transition.  Measuring pain and disability.  Health Professional education and continuing development

Wideman, Timothy

Work-related MSK disorders, chronic pain, back pain, OA, fibromyalgia

Woodhouse, Linda

Low back pain, soft tissue knee injuries (e.g. Post traumatic knee OA), rheumatology


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