Canadian MSK Rehab Research Network - Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation Research
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Pilot Grant Program

Trainee Award Program



Did you know???

Chronic MSK conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, tendinopathy, neck/back pain, and acute or gradual onset of work/sports/recreation injuries are a major burden in Canada.






Grants and Awards



It is a priority of the Canadian MSK Rehab Research Network to encourage new externally funded transdisciplinary research initiatives. Accordingly, the Network will fund pilot (seed) projects each year. Each year, the number of funded pilots will vary based on partner funding.

Similarly, a trainee awards competition will occur each year to promote education and training accross the Network and further support key research initiatives.

These grants and awards will enable the Network to achieve its objectives of facilitating excellence in MSK research. Funding will be targeted specifically to projects that meet the Network objectives and have the potential to leverage future external funds.

At least one pilot grant awarded from CIHR Network funds will be allocated to each of the three Network strategic priorities: Pain, Mobility, and Work


Preference will be given to applications that demonstrate alignment to the Network's cross-cutting themes: knowledge translation, discovery & technology, and engagement & equity.