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Pilot Grant Program

Trainee Award Program



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Chronic MSK conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, tendinopathy, neck/back pain, and acute or gradual onset of work/sports/recreation injuries are a major burden in Canada.






Grants and Awards

Pilot Grant Program


One of the Network’s key initiatives to improve rehabilitation research in Canada is our annual Pilot Grant Awards Competition.

Competitions are held annually to provide funding for early stage, high impact MSK research projects, and generates opportunities for trainees and young investigators to gain valuable experience in the field. We aim to encourage new transdisciplinary research initiatives, with an emphasis on collaboration across Canada.

Coming Soon - 2019 Pilot Grants

Upcoming Pilot Grant Competitions

2019 Open Call for Pilot Grant Applications


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Pilot Grant Competition: Wearable, Web & Mobile Technology

In addition to our Pilot Grant competition held this spring (results below), the Network’s Executive Committee has chosen to run a second competition in 2018. Based on our survey results from the spring it was determined that funding pilot grants specific to wearable technologies was a top priority of our membership. Therefore, this second round of pilot grants is focused specifically on projects that demonstrate novel uses of wearable, web or mobile technology in rehabilitation research.


Application form & Details


The application deadline is April 12, 2019 and funding decisions will be made prior to May 1st.

2018 Pilot Grant Awardees:

Congratulations to the recipients of the MSK Network's Second annual Pilot Grant Program. Here is a list of the 2018 awardees:

Dynamic 4DCT to Examine the Effect of Mal-united Distal Radius Fractures on Carpal Contact Mechanics, Osteoarthritis and Patient Outcomes

Emily Lalone

Accessibility of non-pharmacological interventions to prevent and manage chronic musculoskeletal pain in Québec’s primary care

Kadija Perrault

Home exercise program for youth with arthrogryposis multiplex congenita: A telerehabilitation pilot trial

Noemi Dahan-Oliel

Recovery after hip fracture: A novel online intervention for caregivers

Maureen Ashe

Development of ultrasound imaging measurements for the deep fascia


Nathaly Gaudreault


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2017 Pilot Grant Awardees:

Congratulations to the recipients of the MSK Network's First annual Pilot Grant Program! Here is a list of the 2017 awardees:

Does Structural Damage, Joint Mechanics, or Neuromuscular Variables Predict Early Osteoarthritic Changes and Recovery Following Knee Trauma

Shawn Robbins*
Monica Maly,
Oaul Martineau
Moreno Morelli
Jean-Pierre Pelletier,
Johanne Martel-Pelletier
Tim Wideman
Felix Croteau
Harold Knowles

Operationalization of the new Pain and Disability Drivers Management Model: A Consensus study


Yannick Tousignant-Laflamme*
Dave Walton
Marc-Olivier Martel
Tim Wideman
Olivier Tri-Thrinh Lam
Frederick Wellens

Not everyone hurts the same way: A pilot study of a patient-centered approach to the identification of low back pain patients at risk for chronicity

Manon Choiniere*
Joel Katz
Lise Gauvin
Anais Lacasse
Pierre-Marie Sylvestre
Tim Wideman
Gabrielle Page
Jean Borque

Community based interventions for persons with chronic conditions: Development of an implementation fidelity framework


Julie Richardson*
Rebeccah Fleck
Linda Woodhouse
Ada Tang
Jenna Smith
Michael Pryzbeck
Christina Nowak
Genevieve Hladysh

Improving the management of low back pain in the emergency department: a feasibility study


Simon French*
Robert Brison
Jill Hayden
Kathleen Norman
Rachael Morkem
Jonathon Hill
Jordan Miller
Chad McClintock
Nicole O'Callaghan

Adapting Firefighter TEAM-Feedback Modules to Context: Building Capacity in Firefighter Injury Prevention

Kathryn Sinden*
Joy MacDermid
Heather Carnahan
Amanda Brazil
John Hay

A pilot study of multi-centred osteoarthritis gait biomechanics research: the first steps towards Canada-wide rehabilitation studies


Cheryl Kozey*
Trevor Birmingham
Janie Astephan-Wilson
Michael Hunt
Monica Maly
Derek Rutherford
Rebecca Moyer
Elizabeth Hassen
Jean-Francois Esculier
Amanda Lorbergs
Matthew Baker
Anthony Gatti
Angelo Rudic

Consequences of Ankle Sprain Injury in Youth Sport: Implications for Post-Traumatic Ankle Osteoarthritis


Carolyn Emery*
Jacob Jaremko
Greg Alcock
Trevor Birmingham
Janet Ronskey
Grogor Kuntze
Jackie Whittaker
Lisa Carlesso
Oluwatoyosi Owoeye
Clodagh Toomey
Kristen Barton

Adapting the Tools for Modified Work for Workers with Musculoskeletal Disorders for Firefighters


Susan Stock*
Joy MacDermid
Julie Cote
Clermont Dionne
Nicole Vezina
Kathryn Sinden
Ouiam Didane
Chriss Ross


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