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Funding Request Policy

The Canadian MSK Rehab Research Network is a CIHR-IMHA funded network of researchers, trainees and collaborators. We aim to create innovative funding mechanisms for researchers and learning opportunities for trainees. The Network provides seed funding for project and/or team development each year with a focus on maximizing impact and attracting future external funds. Similarly, we strive to create innovative and collaborative training opportunities to foster the development of trainees in MSK research.

All of our funding opportunities are required to not only meet CIHR funding standards, but must also meet our mandate of facilitating excellence in MSK research through collaboration and innovative teams/projects. We ensure that all funding applications are reviewed by a panel that includes researchers of all career stages, trainees, as well as patient representatives.

To ensure our funds are allocated equitably across research areas and geography, and are reviewed by our panel of researchers and patients to assess potential impact, all Network funds are awarded through our funding competition processes. We do not accept research funding requests outside of our standard funding mechanisms. Limited support may be available for sponsorship of collaborative meetings and training initiatives that meet the Network’s objectives, and will reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Further questions can be sent to our Network Coordinator through the form below:

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