About Us

The Canadian MSK Rehabilitation Research Network is an inclusive national network comprised of over 140 researchers, 40+ trainees and 20 partner groups across Canada.

Launched in 2016 through a CIHR-IMHA Network Catalyst Grant, the MSK Rehab Research Network brought together researchers, collaborators and partner groups to mitigate the MSK burden in Canada.

Thanks to further investment from CIHR-IMHA in 2019 we have secured funding to extend our operations through 2026. We continue to create innovative funding and learning opportunities for trainees and research platforms that allow us to share clinical and biomechanical data nationally.

We are leveraging new wearable and web technologies to create novel, accessible rehab applications and test their effectiveness to achieve pain-free mobility and work participation.

Current Members

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We are always accepting new membership applications and we encourage you to join! Membership is open to researchers, collaborators, partners, and anyone with an interest in MSK rehab research.

Download the application form below and submit to rehabnet@uwo.ca

Executive Team

Nominated Principal Investigator: Dr. Joy MacDermid

Co-Principal Investigators: Dr. Catherine Backman (UBC), Dr. Trevor Birmingham (Western), Dr. Laurent Bouyer (Laval), Dr. Deborah Marshall (Calgary), Dr. Rebecca Moyer (Dalhousie), Dr. Janet Ronsky (Calgary), Dr. Jean-Sebastien Roy (Laval), Dr. Aliki Thomas (McGill)

Principal Knowledge User: Catherine Hofstetter

Network Coordinator: Ryan Power

Primary Institution: Western University, School of Physical Therapy

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