Mapping sedentary behaviour (MAPS-B) in older adults who are frail: A feasibility study

Dr. Isabel B. Rodrigues received the Hamilton Health Sciences New Investigator Fund ($50,000) as principal investigator to help support her study on the feasibility of measuring sedentary behaviour in older adults who are frail. The study is a collaborative study between the departments of medicine, engineering, and kinesiology.

Older adults who are frail are more likely to be sedentary. Currently, it is unclear which types of interventions work to decrease sedentary behaviour, especially among older adults who are frail. We also have limited tools that accurately assess the context of sedentary behaviour. Context is defined as the purpose, location, posture, and social environment of the behaviour. The purpose of the Mapping Sedentary Behaviour (MAPS-B) study will be to determine the feasibility of assessing the context of sedentary behaviour using objective and subjective measures. The results of the MAPS-B study will be used to understand how we can accurately and reliably measure sedentary behaviour and what types of sedentary behaviours older adults engage in.

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