Survey on Telerehabilitation for Physical Rehabilitation Clinicians

Our survey on telerehabilitation for physical rehabilitation clinicians is now available.  This survey is part of a pan-Canadian study funded by the CIHR on telerehabilitation entitled: Avoiding pitfalls in virtual care: paving the way for more ethical and equitable standards of practice in rehabilitation, led by Professors Dahlia Kairy and Anne Hudon from the University of Montreal.

Here is the link for the survey:

Who is the survey for?

All clinicians who practice physical rehabilitation, including:

-Physiotherapists/Physiotherapy technologists

-Occupational therapists

-Spe3ch language pathologists/ Audiologists

-Neuropsychologists /Psychologists

-Vision therapists


– those who have used or are currently using telerehabilitation in their practice or;
– who are interested in telerehabilitation (even if they never used it)

Objective of the survey:

This project aims to better understand the rapid scaling up of telerehabilitation and draw a portrait of telerehabilitation telepractices in Canada in order to create tools to facilitate the adoption of telerehabilitation based on best practices from an ethical point of view. The results of the survey will help us identify obstacles, facilitators and ethical issues in order to support the scaling up and sustainability of telerehabilitation in Canada.

The survey is confidential and lasts approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

Please also help us continue to share the survey to reach a broad audience! Here are some ideas how you can share information about the survey, including a short informative video about the survey:

Thank you for your participation!

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