Trainee Seeking Post-Doc Opportunities

Flora To-Miles of the University of British Columbia (current supervisor Dr. Catherine Backman) is currently seeking Postdoctoral Fellowship opportunities in the areas of Rehabilitation, occupational therapy, arthritis, chronic diseases and wellbeing.

Recent publications (contact Flora for a full list of publications):

  1. To-Miles, F., Forwell, S., Puterman, E., Håkansson, C., Wagman, P., & Backman, C.L. (2021). Accepted pending revisions. Exploring occupations and well-being before and during the COVID-19 pandemic in adults with and without inflammatory arthritis. Journal of Occupational Science.
  2. To-Miles, F., Håkansson, C., Wagman, P., & Backman, C.L. (2021). In press.Exploring the associations among occupational balance and health of adults with and without inflammatory arthritis. Arthritis Care & Research. Advance online publication.

Recent Awards:

Arthritis Society Research Grant, $5000

Doctoral research grant, 2018

Andrew Nord Fellowship in Rheumatology (UBC award; 2016-2020)


The MSK Rehab Research Network is happy to share available opportunities (such as job postings or trainee positions) and qualified trainees seeking opportunities (such as post-doctoral fellowships) with our members. Please contact for details.

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